About Us

About us

Our goal is to be a valued resource in culture and development

We are a foundation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, with a strong support base in order to be the pioneers in reviving arts and endangered cultural heritage for sustainable development. 

We aim to preserve the past to be alive today and to be sustainable for the future. Our focus is both the tangible and the intangible culture, our activities in the preservation of culture is rooted in our hope to bring economic development. As an organization, CCD-NL does not only depend on arts and culture but also on innovation and technology while maintaining the integrity of the arts and culture.

We find our mission in the present and future possibilities for culture, the economy, and the creative industry which we fulfill by organizing projects and activities within the Netherlands to building international cooperation with countries that have strong historical, cultural, and economic ties with the Netherlands. 

Our goal is to be a valued resource in culture and development

Our Story

CCD-NL birth is a result of numbers of initiatives and projects coordinated by our founding director Ms Yetty Van Der Made-Haning focusing on the revitalization of cultural heritage (tangible and intangible) for sustainable development as a research fellow at International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University in 2011.

Since then Ms.Yetty Van Der Made-Haning has organised and coordinated numbers of activities such as an International workshop on Revitalization of weaving ikat in East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Indonesia for culture and economy as an international cooperation project organized by IIAS, Leiden University and Dekranasda NTT (craft council) with the support of ICCO (Dutch Funding Agency), Asian Cultural Council, New York and Indonesian Heritage Trust. 18 countries were participating in the meeting including the host, Indonesia. 

Later on in 2016, again Ms Van Der Made-Haning organized and coordinated four days workshop at Textile Research Center Leiden with Dekranasda NTT, Indonesia bringing three master weavers from NTT to conduct workshop and exhibitions for a Dutch audience in The Netherlands.

Ms. Yetty Van Der Made-Haning
At the academic level, Ms Van Der Made-Haning has also opened and established contacts between the rector of the public university UNDANA in NTT to cooperate with Dutch university/research centres partners for the establishment of Museum as research and study centre for Ikat, in NTT. Also to strengthen Ikat diploma study in UNDANA.
To continue and sustaining the work on culture revitalization for creativity and innovation, in September 2017 then CCD-NL was officially established. One month later, Ms Van Der Made-Haning was awarded a trip grant from Dutch Culture, Center for International Cooperation to strengthen the contacts that have been made with Indonesia in regards to culture preservation.
CCD-NL has put revitalization of weaving IKAt as one of the focused themes in the first five years by continue working with Indonesia and reconnect with KASURI Japanese IKAT. Also with countries in the geographical focus of CCD-NL with history of weaving ikat.

CCD-NL launched an Ikat Platform July 2020 aiming to connect artisans in NTT Indonesia, Japan and India with local Dutch designers. Our goal is to empower artisans around the world by sharing knowledge, as well as form a marketplace for their art. 

We transform our vision into creative projects

Five years focused on: Reviving ancient weaving IKAT techniques for future designs and creative industry​

Find out more about our projects here.

CCD-NL is officially registered in Chamber of Commerce: KVK-number: 69718172


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