Binding with Ikat: Phase Two

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, Phase Two has been postponed until 2022/23. Below are some of our plans for the project.  

Screening of "Binding with Ikat": a documentary on the beautiful NTT weaving Ikat


Documentary film ‘Binding with Ikat’, featuring the history and evolution of the NTT weaving ikat fabric. Produced under a project initiated by CCD-NL with the aim to revive the disappearance of ancient weaving ikat techniques that loaded with symbols, traditions, heritage, the meaning of colors and a length of the natural dyeing process, the documentary gives a comprehensive picture of weaving ikat in the past and today. NTT (East Nusa Tenggara) is a province in the eastern part of Indonesia that rich with culture and tradition in particular weaving ikat. Ikat was attired by royals, chiefs, nobles for prestige and status and also was the most sought-after textile for trade, exchange with spices, sandalwood, honey, candle, etc in the trade and colony times and became antique collections for European (Western) museums in the 18th and 19th century. Ikat has different names and meanings in every ethnic clan throughout NTT.

Ikat brought welfare to weavers of the NTT for its fine quality and beautiful motifs and patterns. However, in course of time Ikat has lost its values and most of the weavers cannot depend on it anymore. Shot in several locations in NTT, The Netherlands and in some European countries, the USA and Australia. ‘Binding with Ikat’ shows how ikat was perceived by the Indonesians, the Dutch and the West. It also shows how Europeans, especially the Dutch, dominated the trade of ikat fabric during the colonial period. While narrating the history, ‘Binding with Ikat’ shows that prominent museums and collectors in The Netherlands, USA (western) were among ‘the owners’ of ikat antiques. The documentary also shows the replanting and rediscoveries of native plants for yarns and natural dyes that have been almost disappeared from weaving and dyeing practice in NTT today. The screening was also showcased with the display of fine and beautiful pieces of ikat fabrics.

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