Events in 2021

Kasuri Webinar - Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World

On 29 April 2021 we will hold our second online event for 2021 – the webinar “Maintaining Tradition in a Transitory World”.

This webinar aims to feature a conversation on the Kurume Kasuri’s history, value, and the way it can sustainably advance as a craft.

The webinar will illustrate the foreign ties that Kasuri and other textile practices retain in the Webinar series. Most importantly, it would emphasize how Japanese and Dutch artisans work together concretely.

The main speakers of the event are the Dutch designer Laura Luchtman and Japanese artisan Kyozo Shimogawa.

Workshop - Shaping your heritage: constructing your design practice

Our first event for 2021 was the online workshop “Shaping your heritage: Constructing your design practice​” which took place on 11 March 2021.

The aim of this workshop was about giving the Tenun Ikat NTT artisans the opportunity to learn in translating their valuable heritage into different creative designs and telling story about their Ikat.

The artisans were asked to bring an item that represents their heritage. This object was analyzed in order to get inspiration for a textile design during the workshop. The audience watching the workshop was also free to participate in the workshop by bringing an object of their own.

Hosts of the workshop were Nikkie Wester, a Designer & Future Heritage Expert, and Gyanni Antonya, a Practice Based Researcher & Communication Designer. This was Nikkie’s third collaboration with CCD-NL and the first one for Gyanni respectively. 

NTT, Indonesia Ikat artisans Syariat Tole from Alor, Marsa & Asmawet Fattu from Rote-Ndao and Selviana B’oi Ndao from Belu also participated in the workshop.

Openings were given by Julita Oetojo, Adviser at CCD-NL and greetings by CCD-NL’s Director Yetty van der Made-Haning.

The event was divided into two parts. During the first part, Nikkie guided the artisans through the process of analyzing the objects they had prepared and their story.

During the second part of the workshop, Gyanni presented to the artisans and the audience new methods for using Ikat in fashion design to reflect on its possible contemporary value.

The event was wrapped up by conclusions from Nikkie Wester, Gyanni Antonya and Yetty van der Made-Haning. Rebekha Adriana, Indonesian Ikat Manager at CCD-NL, summarized the event and gave a final closing.

The event was held in English and Indonesian.

You can watch the workshop on YouTube. A special thank you to Alexandra Wrbka, a Project Assistant for Crowdfunding / Video Editing Assistant at CCD-NL for editing of the video.

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