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The Kurume Kasuri Project was launched in 2019 as CCD-NL sought to diversify its activities. By choosing Kurume Kasuri, CCD-NL saw the alignment with their own mission of reviving traditional weaving methods. Although the Japanese textile Kurume Kasuri is quite established in its local area, this specific textile was implemented into CCD-NL’s curriculum as a way of connecting cultures. Kurume Kasuri is subsidized by the Japanese government and is recognized as intangible cultural heritage. However, there are still struggles faced by the artisans as various external influences challenge them to make a business out of their craft. The goal of this project therefore includes opening up a market in the Netherlands and in turn provide benefit to the Japanese artisans. At the same time, CCD-NL wishes to share cultural heritage and inspire audience from all over the world with different techniques of textile production. We hope through interactions and collaborations with local entrepreneurs and Dutch artisans & designers, a new hybrid of textiles will emerge, a combination of Japanese Kasuri and foreign inspiration. Something that is new and exotic but simultaneously resonates with us.

With our upcoming online platform, CCD-NL will come a significant step closer to the realization of this project’s goal. On the specific day of the platform launch (2nd July 2020), we are thankful for Shimogawa Orimono’s support with whom we have been in contact ever since the official launch of the project last year. He agreed to give a presentation about Kurume Kasuri and his textile company based in Yame-city. We would like to mention that Orimono’s contributions have been helpful for CCD-NL in many ways. With this contribution to the online webinar, CCD-NL hopes to reach out to even more people and pave a way for Kurume Kasuri on the international market. This project will be a continuous flow between different cultures for anyone to partake and be inspired by

From Edo to Reiwa, the New Era of Kurume Kasuri

The aim of this project is to trace the historical trajectory between Holland and Japan through Kasuri. Based on the history of Kasuri, Kasuri has linked with a wide range of parts in Japanese life in relation to Clothes and living appliance. Although a couple of exhibitions in Holland, there were no further plans to develop the future of Kasuri work in Holland. Therefore, through this project, CCD-NL will plan on research and present Kasuri’s history and future, as well as presenting the Kasuri related to Dutch lifestyle so that connection between Holland and Japan can be stronger. After the workshop of Kasuri, we expect that there will be a regular exhibition to promote Kasuri in addition to cultural exchange and communication.


On the 23rd of November we will hold our third online event for 2021, the webinar ‘Sharing Kasuri’s Tomorrow’. This webinar will feature a conversation on Kasuri’s future and its sustainable preservation through the relation between Japan and the Netherlands.

Most importantly, it will feature a new Japanese Ryuku artisan from Okinawa, which will expand our definition of ‘Kasuri’ to explore the different types and characteristics of Kasuri.

Another of our themes  revolves around climate. Kasuri is made by traditional sustainable methods, using the natural environment, which can be inspiring to artists and essential for the future in maintaining or developing cultural products. The webinar will explore how Kasuri is made and dyed with indigo dye, further connecting the profound cultural relations between the Netherlands and Japan throughout history.

Uniquely, this webinar will feature a second collaboration project between Japanese artisan Kyozo Shimogawa and Dutch designer Laura Luchtman. This will portray in detail how Kasuri patterns and creation methods can be incorporated into Dutch interior design and lifestyle, by understanding how textile design and Kasuri can merge together.

What is the aim of this webinar?
The Netherlands and Japan have had long cultural interactions since the 17th century when Japan held an isolationist foreign policy under the Tokugawa shogunate. CCD-NL recognises the profound historical-cultural links between these two countries, and this is exemplified especially through Kasuri.

Our last Kasuri webinars have demonstrated this point by examining Kasuri’s history, and tradition. Our next webinar which will be held on the 2nd of September outlines how this profound cultural interaction between the two countries will further be maintained through Kasuri’s development within Western culture, while reflecting sustainable methods of Kasuri’s creation which will undoubtedly be an inspiration for all.

For more information about this webinar follow us on Instagram @ccd_nl to follow our updates on this webinar, and check out our webinar leaflet.

Kurume Kasuri
Guide & Archive

As part of the Kurume Kasuri Project Launched in 2019, and in order to shed more light onto the practice and history of Kasuri, CCD-NL introduces a newly created guide serving as a source of information as well as new inspiration for the support of our project. 

This guide will serve two purposes, which is one; to gather as much information as possible surrounding Kurume Kasuri in order to give our audience an overview of this practice and its value. Secondly, as the practice of Kasuri cannot be found in many academic or historic publications, this guide is never final and will always be subject to improvement and information to add.

Followingly, the information found in this archive are very diverse and will be presented under different mediums and forms, meaning texts, videos, images and self-conducted research. All of this serves the goal of including all sorts of relevant information revolving around Kasuri, therefore falling under the notion of an archive. 

Kurume Kasuri Project Flyer (English and Japanese)

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