Lab for Ikat

Our Project

As part of our pilot project, CCD-NL is aiming to build an Ikat Laboratory in which methods and resources for artisans will be researched and developed. The primary target of the lab will be the Ikat artisans of the NTT region in Indonesia. The lab aims to provide them with innovative and sustainable new materials, to develop new weaving techniques, and to help the artisans expand their businesses into more reliable markets.

For the project, CCD-NL will collaborate with artisans Marsa Fattu from Ikat Rote Ndao, Selviana Boi Dao  from the Wahor Hadomi weaving group, and Sariat Tole from Guung Mako, as well as Dutch designer Nikkie Wester and Indonesian designer Julita Oetojo. The project will consist of several online meetings  with the designers and artisans, in which they will discuss the Ikat weaving techniques of NTT. 

Project aims

One of the main goals of the project is to explore what Ikat could mean in the future, while also preserving it as cultural heritage. There are ideas to expand Ikat from being used only in fashion products to being used as wall tapestries, room dividers, or other interior decorations. The hope is that by the end of the project, CCD-NL will be able to produce new research and kick-start mew development to present Ikat’s history in museums and at events in both the Netherlands and Indonesia, which will result in attracting new investors.

Nikkie Wester

Julita Oetojo

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