Meet the team

Meet the team


Yetty Van Der Made-Haning, Chairwoman/Executive Director

Yetty obtained a Master of Arts from the International Institute of Social Studies at Erasmus University and a full degree of Law from Nusa Cendana University. She is also a former affiliated fellow of International Institute of Asian Studies, Leiden University, carrying out research on Maritime Law. She has an extensive and lengthy history of work and training in various international governmental and non-governmental organizations including UN Tribunal. She has established and led a number of international organizations and foundations. She has also worked with a number of donors and funding providers in the Netherlands, USA and Indonesia. During her affiliation with Leiden University she was awarded a fellowship from the Asian Central Council in New York to conduct an extensive study on culture and heritage in Laos, Cambodia, India and Japan.

Julita Oetojo,

Julita is a PhD candidate in the Department of Aisna and Islamic Art History at the University of Bonn in Germany. Her dissertation and research focus on Indonesian Textile Art History and Design. She is also a lecturer in Southeast Asian Art and Textiles at Bonn University. She obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Trier University of Applied Sciences in Germany and a Master of Arts in Product Design from Trisakti University, Indonesia. She worked as a lecturer of Fashion Design and Fashion Management in Indonesian universities. She has also worked with a number of Multinational companies in the fashion retail industries and garment manufacturers in Asia.  

Meet our interns and fellows

Ridha Wianti, Fellow (Coordinator Training for Trainers Project)

Ridha joined CCD-NL as an intern in the beginning of May 2021 as a member of the fundraising and project development team. Her role includes supporting fundraising programs and proposals, assisting in the development of projects and fundraising goals, and writing grant proposals. She graduated in January 2021 from ISS University of Rotterdam holding an MA in Development Studies focused in Social Justice Perspectives. Her passion lies in the development field, especially in gender and culture sector, is in line with the CCD-NL core mission to preserve tangible and intangible cultural heritage and to support local artisans in sustainable manners. She believes that fair, sustainable development and culture preservation can go hand-in-hand, hence She is excited to be part of CCD-NL.

Giovanni Falcinelli, Pan European Project Coordinator

Giovanni graduated from a Masters degree in Applied Ethics at Utrecht University in August 2020. During this experience he interned at Utrecht University Ethics Institute working for the European project NoVaMigra. Previously, he achieved a Bachelor in Philosophy with excellent grades. He has been an active person in the social community from a very young age, volunteering with different cooperatives focused on disabled people, children and migrants.

Marija Nikolić, Content Writer and copywriter

Marija is a recent graduate of Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, where she studies Literature and Society with a specialization in Visual Culture. She is originally from Belgrade, Serbia, but she has been active in several international organizations in the last five years. Her interests include literature and media, intercultural communication, and language learning. She is extremely passionate about writing and cultural development, which is why she joined the CCD-NL team as a content writing intern. She is hoping to use her writing skills to present the various fascination cultural projects within CCD-NL in blogposts and newsletters. 

Casey-Jay Smith, Social Media, PR and Marketing Team Leader

Casey is a creative practitioner with a sense of humour and a sense of humans, originally from Sunny South Africa, but now living the articulating landscape of the Netherlands! 
“My heart is with CCD-NL as their mission in the preservation of ancient textiles and keeping traditions alive is a movement that is necessary as we live in a state of fast innovation, meaning that we forget about our grounded and already grown roots. Going back to our traditions, we will find a better way to make things we want in a way which doesn’t spoil our land or our people- rerouting back towards sustainable modernisation and equality within innovation. Traditions matter, our people matter and our land matters.”

Veronica Burgstaller, Executive Assistant

Veronica is a recent MA graduate in European Studies from KU Leuven, Belgium where she focused on Europe-Asia relations. As half Indonesian and half Austrian, Veronica has spent her childhood between two continents and continued to live and travel in various countries. Before starting her masters, she worked as a translator in South Korea. She has previous experience volunteering in NGOs and is passionate about facilitating understanding and communication between Europe and Asia.

Philosophia Seraphim,  Fundraising Assistant 

I’m Sophie , a 19 year old undergraduate student in Erasmus University Rotterdam. I study Management of International and Social Challenges and I am deeply invested in issues regarding social and cultural development. For that reason I decided to intern in CCD-NL. I am very much interested in creating partnerships and collaborating with other institutions which is why I am interning in the Fundraising division. I hope this internship opportunity will provide me the chance to connect the knowledge have gained throughout my studies in real life situations!

Angela Estherina Nangoy, Business and Finance Executive Assistant

Esther is interning as Business and Finance Executive Assistant from September 2021. Her role includes taking over the organization’s bookkeeping, as well as setting up a business plan for the organization. Currently, Esther is studying at the University of Groningen for a degree in International Business and enters her last phase of study this year. She is really passionate about culture and art as she has spent most of her life serving and developing the culture in Indonesia by joining several Indonesian cultural organizations located in Indonesia and The Netherlands. As she is studying business, she is also very passionate about money management, which is why she has joined the management team of CCD-NL.

Abra Heinrich, Executive Assistant

Abra completed a BA in International Studies at Leiden University with a specialization in Latin American Studies in 2020. She is currently completing a Master’s in Conflict Studies and Human Rights at Utrecht University with a focus on conflict analysis. Abra has worked in a variety of international contexts over the past 10 years, such as for NGOs in New Zealand and Honduras, in addition to completing parts of her degree in Mexico. Her interests include cultural analysis and the Latin American region, as well as international conflicts. She is looking forward to returning to the NGO sector by joining CCD-NL as an Executive Assistant intern. 

Elias Abouchaaya,  Fundraising Associate

Elias has a BA in economics and a Postgraduate diploma for NGO management from the Lebanese American University in Beirut where he graduated with distinction. After graduation, he was active in the Lebanese  civil society for more than ten years, leading and supporting various humanitarian projects. Elias joined the fundraising team in October 2021 to help develop CCD-NL’s fundraising strategy and goals. 

Silvia Angelucci, Pan European project assistant

Silvia studied Design and Visual Communication at the Politecnico di Torino, Turin, and while additionally studying photography she worked with some exhibition spaces as a curator. She moved to Eindhoven to study a two-year Master’s degree at the Design Academy in The Critical Inquiry Lab (formal curating and writing design). Her thesis aims to develop a new practice: Curatorial Hacking. Her interest is in opening up the role of cultural spaces from curated storycrafting to sites of production and exploration. 

Maria Stoikou, Organization Administrator

Maria is a Greek undergraduate student of International and European Studies. She promotes an energetic attitude for life and knowledge. The internship is a chance to gain the connection between the theoretical and practical knowledge of administration. 
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