Our Projects and Activities

 In order to achieve our goals, we organize projects and activities that are linked to the cultural preservation for sustainable development in The Netherlands and other countries, forging international cooperation.

As a result of the Covid-19 pandemic CCD-NL’s ongoing projects were postponed, leading to the birth of a new project:  creating an online platform for Ikat.

This project embodies the work of CCD-NL and includes multiple sub-projects: Japanese Kasuri, Lab for Ikat, Training for Trainers, Pan-European Project, Online Archiving and Museum Project, Indian Ikat, and Crisis and Recovery Management.

You can learn more about the platform project here.

This project is focused on the revival and strengthening of Ikat, a traditional Indonesian weaving technique. We aim to empower the weaving community in Belu and other regencies of Nusa Tenggara Timur (NTT) by initiating a collborative project between Dutch designers and the NTT artisans. This will lead to a boost in the creative economy of both countries. 

There are two main phases, whereby Phase One spanned 2019, and Phase Two was planned for 2020-21. However, due to the pandemic, Phase Two has been postponed until further notice. Read more about Phase One here

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