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COVID-19 Crisis: What Now?

Due to the COVID19 crisis, Binding with Ikat phase II is postponed until further notice. To adjust and adapt to the situation, CCD-NL decided to shift its focus to creating an online platform that enables us to connect with the weavers online. 

The Culture of Solidarity Fund and the Ikat Platform Project (To be announced)

What is the culture of solidarity fund?

During this time of hardship, it can be a challenge to maintain a constant flow of support and information between people, especially within the cultural and creative sector. Focusing on supporting the cultural and the creative sector, the culture of solidarity aims to create a support system through funding. With that in mind, CCD-NL joins in creating an alternative that allows for a collaboration between artists and the people in the form of an online platform. The goal of the project is to create solidarity among artisans in Europe to cope with the corona crisis. A project is a form of a platform for artisans and designers to connect in Europe, to trade their work, and to share their skills and knowledge in the form of a workshop. We in CCD-NL believe that the platform is going to be a valuable tool in building connections among artisans all across Europe especially now during the Corona crisis.

We share the European Cultural Foundations concern about Europe not uniting during the time of the crisis since we agree that a fundamental crisis can be managed better through cooperation and solidarity. In order to achieve that, our main objective of choice is to share experiences, knowledge, skills, stories, ideas, and resources of solidarity across Europe, especially outside mainstream public attention. We are positive this objective mirrors our own goal that aims to further cultural exchange and preserve cultural heritage the best. It also fits our principles of how we curate the artisans and designers since we see their innovative research and new processes and techniques as an equivalent for sharing ideas and resources of solidarity. Through Dutch artisans share their craft and showcase their skill will eventually connect the artisans across Europe, thus we believe that our goals are in line with the main objective of our choice.

What is our plan?

We want to create a platform where the artisans and designers in Europe reach audiences across Europe, which is why our platform will give them an opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with their craft in a form of online workshops. The first artisan to conduct a workshop on the platform is going to be a Dutch artisan (to be announced). For this particular workshop project, the main geographic focus is Europe where CCD-NL is actively promoting the use of natural dyes for sustainable textiles in Europe learning from our experience in Asia. Our first European partner to work within this pilot platform is still yet to be announced. We will record the workshop (offline) and then organize a webinar involving her as a panellist together with other experts on crafts and cultures during the launch of the platform. We strongly believe that the project will be successful because with our strong experience in creating projects and working closely with the artisans worldwide is an added value to the project

Why is this relevant?

During the times of social distancing, the importance of creative online platforms grows. We aim to create a shared public space that is convenient and easy for people to attend since we believe that opportunity to learn and create from home is now more welcome than ever. We are also glad to support Dutch artisans and designers to showcase their skills and share their craft and knowledge online over the European borders. Solidarity through arts and crafts is a cause we want to support!

What makes our proposal imaginative and cultural is that we curate our Dutch artisans and designers based on their innovative research and new processes and techniques they are working on. We want their portfolios to not only show quality and innovation, affinity with textiles, or new materials but also integrity and respect for tradition. A crisis like this makes us think of the all-around wellbeing of people and our world as a whole, and therefore we find her aspiration towards a more holistic world inspiring. Herbs are known to have healing benefits, and even though they are not helpful in healing Corona, we still think healing, in general, is a fitting theme for an international workshop. In the current crisis and in the aftershock we all need healing of some kind, whether that is on a physical or just on a mental level. We believe this workshop could have a soothing and comforting effect on people, which is something that is desperately needed during these hard times.

What is our target?

The main target groups of our platform are the artisans and designers, and the audiences consisting of amateurs and professionals in the Netherlands and around Europe. We are also targeting the creative industry, clients, and buyers, who are interested in working with the artisans and designers.

Firstly, we aim to provide a space for artisans both to develop their own professional practice and to learn new techniques. Secondly, we hope to inform and inspire our diverse audience regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity, level of education, or other factors. Thirdly, we hope our platform is helpful for clients and buyers in finding and connecting with new interesting artisans and designers and thus leads to fruitful collaborations. Finally and most importantly, we trust that our platform could have a positive impact in uniting European people during these uncertain times when solidarity and feeling of togetherness are greatly needed.

More information about the culture of solidarity fund can be found in https://www.culturalfoundation.eu/culture-of-solidarity

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CCD-NL Online Platform Project Pilot Booklet (English version)

CCD-NL Online Platform Project Pilot Booklet (Dutch version)

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