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The European Solidarity Project was born out of CCD-NL’s pilot project, the Binding with Ikat Platform. This platform was developed to connect Ikat artisans from Indonesia with Dutch designers from Rotterdam. Given the success of the Binding with Ikat platform, it was expanded into collaborative projects between Dutch designers and Ikat artisans from other regions and countries. 

From this foundation, the European Solidarity Project has developed into a multi-disciplinary project, envisioning itself as a creative yet structured means of cultivating and maintaining solidarity throughout the Pan-European region, particularly considering the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. Hence, this project aspires to execute a series of activities, namely: research, prototyping, exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops, and open discussions revolving around the development of Ikat within the Pan-European region and its possible relevance in the realm of sensory design. Indeed, it is the hope of CCD-NL to thus generate a safe space for cultural exchange that will, in turn, positively impact the sense of solidarity among participants, most notably Ikat artisans, designers, researchers, culture and art pioneers, and anyone appreciative of cultural heritage. 

This multidisciplinary project revolves around two core concepts: 1) a revaluation of the Ikat technique, and 2) its possible applicability in the care of dementia patients. 


  1. To generate solidarity and shared knowledge among European designers, artisans, and healthcare experts towards social innovation
  2. To explore and research the potential application of the Ikat technique within the realm of textile sensory design
  3. To produce an Ikat-based sensory facilitating product prototype intended to aid persons with dementia

The cross-cutting nature of the project implies the need for a broad range of specialists, including designers, Ikat experts, and experts in dementia care. CCD-NL is already in contact with designers and Ikat experts keen to participate in this initiative. However, the project is still in a preparatory phase, and there is still a need to apply for funding and extend the network of dementia care experts and institutes open for collaboration.

CCD-NL plans to begin researching and hosting workshops for this project at the beginning of 2022. 

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