Past Events and Partners

Throughout the years, CCD-NL had successfully held several events and collaborated with various organizations and artists.

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Past members

Dekranasda Belu


The Indonesian Embassy

The netherlands

Dutch Culture, Centre for International Cooperation

the netherlands

Stimuleringfonds, Dutch Creative Industry

The netherlands

Selviana Boi Dao is the leader of the weaving group in Belu, Wehor Hadomi (Love Wehor) she is a very skilled weaver.

Selviana Bo'i Dao

ntt weaver

Wilhelmina Uduk is an Ikat weaver from Belu. She is part of the weaving community that Lio de Bruin learnt from during her residency.

Wilhelmina Uduk

ntt weaver

The head of dekranasda Belu (craft council) and an award winner of the World Craft Council Competition 2018

Lidwina Viviawati Ng

the head of dekranasda belu

Lio de Bruin

dutch artist

Tuty has been working with numerous clients and fashion show events in the US, the Netherland, Paris, London, Russia, Japan, Indonesia, and some regular fashion-weeks events. Having fallen in love with fashion industry, Tuty is also active within several initiatives and organisations related to fashion design and sericulture, e.g Indonesian Silk Association and Indonesian Fashion Designer Association, to name but a few. Tuty is also an avid instructor and workshop facilitator for SMEs group empowerment. As much as her clear-cut passion in sericulture and silk world, Tuty has also developed exceptional collection of batik and weaving, special/natural fibres, as well as hand emborideries.

Tuty Cholid

indonesian artist

  • The Erasmus Huis is the Dutch cultural center in Jakarta. It offers a wide range of activities that fit in with the Indonesian-Dutch cultural relations. Among other things, concerts, lectures, film and theater performances are organized, as well as exhibitions, both in the field of visual arts and historical subjects. Those who wish to receive the event calendar can register via Also

follow the Erasmushuis via social media:
FB: @ErasmusHuisJakarta
Insta: eramushuis, Jakarta
Twitter: @ErasmusHuis

Erasmus Huis


The Japanese Embassy

The netherlands

A well-known Kasuri company in Kurume, who were willing to support our event by providing material and information about history, manufacturing process and business aspects of Kurume Kasuri in the contemporary period.

Shimogawa Orimono


The retail company in Japan created subtitled videos concerning the manufacturing process of Kurume Kasuri, as well as providing material of contemporary Kasuri designs.

Unagi no Nedoko


A professional working graduates from Keio University. One of our interns, Naho Oishi was able to engage with Mitakai because her connection with Keio University. Due to her determination to collect donations and promote our the event, many graduates were willing to contribute to our event.


keio university

She is a dancer from Madaloka dance studio She has many experience in her field as a dancer, she is especially passionate and talented in Indonesian traditional dances.

Nova Burdo-Marseline

madaloka dancer

She is experienced in the field of art and culture management and is also passionate and talented in dancing. Together with Nova, she will be performing a very special dance.

Sarah van Soldt


Linda Hanssen is the curator of ethnographic textiles from Southeast Asia, Indonesia and Japan, she has extensive experience in being a curator in the field of textile.

Linda Hanssen

textile curator

Willybrodus Lay, the Regent of Belu, who puts the preservation Ikat as cultural heritage for sustainable development in Belu as one of the priorities on the local development agenda.

Willybrodus Lay

regent of belu

Lucila Kenny studied textile design in Argentina where she discovered her passion in textile. In 2012, she moved to the Netherlands and became specialized in natural dyes.

Lucila Kenny

textile specialist

Lara Peeters is an entrepreneur with a passion for building bridges between Indonesia and The Netherlands. In 2014 she founded her Fashion Accessory brand LARAS, where she connects Indonesian Textiles to Dutch Fashion Accessory Designers. As a tribute to her Dutch-Indonesian roots.

Lara Peeters


She is an accomplished enterpreneur specializing in jewellery. She has won about 40 Art Awards internationally, she will be sharing her amazing exclusive “Indonesian touch” jewellery and her smart jewellery during the event with Ikat.

Ferlin Vermeer Yoswara


Created by Bertha Tanaem, She has always been passionate about Timorese traditional textile, also known as ‘tenun ikat’. She will be sharing her passion through her collection with Ikat.



Merdi is an International Sustainable Fashion Designer, he pioneered the sustainable design and textile in his home country, Indonesia. 

Merdi Sihombing


Nikki Wester is a designer and Future Heritage specialist with a great passion for textile. She is committed to keeping craftmanship alive and set her goal to design the future together.

Nikki Wester

designer and future heritage specialist

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