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We aim to help and empower our artisan partners in three areas in NTT (Alor, Belu, and Rote-Ndao) to be able to market and sell their ikat products not only to their surroundings but also Indonesia and the world through digital platform.

The ultimate goal of this project is to give the artisans a new prospect for their product to be known by the society thus will give them a positive impact on welfare.

Selviana B'oi Dao, an ikat weaver from Belu, NTT

Some of Our Partners' Products

These ikat fabrics are wholeheartedly produced by our NTT artisan partners. Each ikat has its own meaning and philosophy which you can use as fashion materials or decorations.

Cumen/Ujung Tombak Ikat

Artisan: Selviana B’oi Dao from Belu
This motif is closely related with the traditions and rituals of NTT society. It is usually worn in harvest celebration as well as buffalo slaughter rituals to celebrate important events. In the past, when the ancestors return from war and celebrate their victory, all the winners and survivors of the war must wear an Ikat with this motif in the celebration.
Size: 172 cm x 65 cm
Price: 1,000,000 IDR/ 60 EUR (excl shipping cost)

Raja Ndao Motif Ikat

Artisan: Marza A. Fattu from Rote-Ndao
This motif (Raja Ndao) used to be worn only by kings and royal families long time ago and not to be worn by anyone. But in these current times, the Raja Ndao motif can be used by everyone regardless their title.
Size: L 165cm x W 100cm
Price: 850,000 IDR / 50 EUR (excl shipping cost)

Dikur Rae Moas Ikat

Artisan: Selviana B’oi Dao from Belu
In the past, this motif was made exclusively for kings. In the middle of the Dikur (buffalo horn) pattern, there is a shape of a shield which is called Rabi. In the past, Rabi was used as a shield in matches or battles in the NTT tradition. Dikur Rae Moas Ikat was worn by kings when attending celebrations and meetings as a symbol of high social status in NTT society.
Size: 210 cm x 69cm
Price: 2,500,000 IDR /150 EUR (excl shipping cost)

All fabrics are colored using natural dyes made out of plants and fruits, therefore it is not harmful to nature and the environment.

How to purchase?

Need some more information or just want to purchase the ikat right away? There are many ways to contact us!

Send us a message through WhatsApp: +62 82117269795 (Indonesia) or +31 618896511 (Netherlands)

E-mail: info@ccd-nl.org

Direct message on Instagram: @ccd_nl or @ikat.nl

Facebook: Center for Culture and Development – The Netherlands

You can also see our full catalogue on Facebook Shop and directly send us a message to purchase from there!

Other Collection of Ikat Products

Fatola: Traditional Alor fabric usually used and/or worn by royalty and their families by Sariat Tole from Alor

Tenapi: Can be worn by any tribe, a fabric that’s often used as maskawin (a bride price, a form of wealth paid by the groom and their family to the bride’s family. by Sariat Tole from Alor 

 Seagrapes Motif Ikat by Marza A. Fattu from Rote-Ndao

  Breadfruit Leaves Motif Ikat by Marza A. Fattu from Rote-Ndao

Disclaimer: CCD-NL is a non-profit organization, all proceeds from sales will be fully given to the artisans.

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