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The tradition of Indonesian Ikat weaving has been passed from mother to daughter from generation to generation, and is an important cultural heritage particularly in the NTT region. However, in the modern era, many challenges are faced by the women artisans who weave Ikat fabric.

Firstly, every Ikat artisan masters certain patterns, styles and colours, which are different from other artisans in the region. While this adds to the richness and diversity of Indonesian Ikat, it also contributes to the creation of a knowledge gap, especially among younger artisans. This knowledge gap must be bridged in order to empower artisans with skills and therefore preserve the Ikat tradition itself.

Secondly, water shortage in the region has led to increased usage of chemical dyes in the creation of Ikat fabric. CCD-NL believe that it is pivotal to encourage Ikat artisans to stop using these dyes and to instead empower them to use the traditional natural dyeing methods, which are more environmentally friendly.

To accomplish this mission, a series of training sessions and activities to preserve the knowledge of natural dyeing must be undertaken. CCD-NL has therefore organised the ‘Training for Trainers’ Program, wherein Ikat artisans who have more knowledge and skill in using natural dyes and in tying yarn to create different motifs will be assigned to create short videos which will be used in dye training for other artisans. Consequently, younger and less experienced artisans will be given a task to dye and tie their yarn using the newly learned methods. Eventually, CCD-NL hopes to bring all the artisans involved together to discuss and share their experience and knowledge about natural dyes and tying techniques. 


  1. Sharing knowledge among Ikat artisans on the use and technique of natural dyes
  2. Preserving and documenting the knowledge of Ikat in NTT
  3. Encouraging more Ikat artisans to use natural dyes in an environmentally and culturally sustainable way


  1. Ikat artisans gain more knowledge and skill in using natural dyes
  2. Ikat artisans are able to produce high quality Ikat made using natural dyes
  3. Creation of video tutorials for Ikat natural dyes
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