Binding Cultures Together

Our Story

We are a foundation driven by progressive ideas, bold actions, with a strong support base in order to be the pioneers in reviving ancient techniques and endangered cultural heritage. We find our mission in the present and future possibilities for culture, the economy, and the creative industry which we fulfill by organizing projects and activities within the Netherlands to building international cooperation with countries that have strong historical, cultural, and economic ties with the Netherlands.

Our Aims

To build local and international projects, programs and activities focused on culture and development.

 To build a network with organizations shared the same values and interests.

 To deliver leaders and professionals committed to culture preservation and development.


Our Focus

  • Create Projects
  • Conducting Research
  • Organising Workshops


To carry out its projects and activities, CCD-NL is co-partnering with local partners in The Netherlands and international partners where the project takes place in executing and co-financing the project 


Dekranasda Rote-Ndao

Obtained Funding Supports:

Center for International Cooperation-Dutch Culture, Broeders van Maastricht – FIC (Den Haag) and Stimuleringfonds.

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CCD-NL is currently creating a webinar where people from all around the world can see how artisans from the Netherlands, Indonesia, Japan and India create their amazing works. Furthermore, CCD-NL is having an European Culture project this month! 

What's New This Month

Eat for Ikat Campaign

Starting from June to August, Ms. Rachma Saloh dan friends is helping CCD-NL with the project through the Eat for Ikat campaign. Would you like to eat while still supporting the Ikat artisan group ‘Wehor Hadomi’ in Belu, Indonesia? come to Depot Indonesia Wageningen!

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CCD-NL Foundation has been appointed by the Tax Authorities as ‘Algemeen Nut Beogende Instelling’ (ANBI). As a result, your contributions to CCD-NL Foundation tax deductible under certain conditions. By contracting a donation agreement your annual contribution is even fully deductible.

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