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Our Story​

The Center for Culture and Development – The Netherlands (CCD-NL) was established and registered as a Dutch foundation (stichting) with the aim to promote culture and development in The Netherlands as well as forging international cooperation with countries which have strong historical, cultural and economic shared heritage with The Netherlands. We translate our vision and missions into activities and/or projects for sustainable development, peace and security to impact individuals, communities and societies at large, also focusing on creativity, innovation and digitization for cultural and sustainable development.

Our Blogposts

CCD-NL has been creating new exciting blogposts about the history of the foundation and much more! Stay tuned for more blogs to come and view our most recent posts via the button below.

Our Ongoing Projects

CCD-NL has multiple diverse projects which aim to preserve cultural heritages of Japan, Indonesia, India and Europe. Click the button below to learn more about our current projects!

Upcoming Events

On the 23rd of November we will hold our third online event for 2021, the webinar ‘Sharing Kasuri’s Tomorrow’. This webinar will feature a conversation on Kasuri’s future and its sustainable preservation through the relation between Japan and the Netherlands.

Most importantly, it will feature a new Japanese Ryuku artisan from Okinawa, which will expand our definition of ‘Kasuri’ to explore the different types and characteristics of Kasuri.

Another of our themes  revolves around climate. Kasuri is made by traditional sustainable methods, using the natural environment, which can be inspiring to artists and essential for the future in maintaining or developing cultural products. The webinar will explore how Kasuri is made and dyed with indigo dye, further connecting the profound cultural relations between the Netherlands and Japan throughout history.

Uniquely, this webinar will feature a second collaboration project between Japanese artisan Kyozo Shimogawa and Dutch designer Laura Luchtman. This will portray in detail how Kasuri patterns and creation methods can be incorporated into Dutch interior design and lifestyle, by understanding how textile design and Kasuri can merge together.

What is the aim of this webinar?
The Netherlands and Japan have had long cultural interactions since the 17th century when Japan held an isolationist foreign policy under the Tokugawa shogunate. CCD-NL recognises the profound historical-cultural links between these two countries, and this is exemplified especially through Kasuri.

Our last Kasuri webinars have demonstrated this point by examining Kasuri’s history, and tradition. Our next webinar which will be held on the 2nd of September outlines how this profound cultural interaction between the two countries will further be maintained through Kasuri’s development within Western culture, while reflecting sustainable methods of Kasuri’s creation which will undoubtedly be an inspiration for all.

For more information about this webinar follow us on Instagram @ccd_nl to follow our updates on this webinar, and check out our webinar leaflet.

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CCD-NL is helping Japanese Kasuri artisans and NTT women artisans through the Kasuri geef campaign! You can make your donation here:

Our Focus

Researching Crisis and Recovery Management


Organization of webinars and workshops

Creating capacity building sustainable development projects

Creating projects for peace and reconciliation

Creating environmental conservation projects

Conducting research on intellectual property rights for Ikat

Our Aims

To build local and international projects, programs and activities focused on culture and development.

 To build a network with organizations shared the same values and interests.

 To deliver leaders and professionals committed to culture preservation and development.

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